The package tour price is charged only for accommodation at the Vienna House Diplomat Prague Hotel and local transportation service provided from 19 through 22 October 2017. The conference attendance fee is not included in this price and has to be paid additionally.

Accommodation is provided in standard rooms, and the price includes room & breakfast but minibar use, other extras, lunch and dinner are excluded.

The local transportation shuttle service includes four round trips between the hotel and airport, two trips each way; and cost of the half a day city tour on 22 October 2017 is included in the price. Additional transportation or services will not be provided.

The customers will not be entitled to advance claims that the service is defective and Nera Event is the faulty party due to any problems they may experience as a result of any acts or negligence by the hotel or the travel company.

At the time of reservation or payment, customer’s information must be recorded and communication (mail, telephone), round trip arrival and departure time of the plane must be provided in full without any missing information. Nera Event will not be held responsible for any issues which may be attributable to delivery of incomplete information.

After registration fee is paid, reservation and purchasing transaction cannot be cancelled. Nevertheless, customer change can be made upon approval by Nera Event. If customer change is not made, the price may be refunded with 15% deduction. No cash payment will be made to any creditors, and the amount due will be refunded to the payor’s bank account. If payment is made with a credit card, cash refund will not be made and the relevant amount will be refunded to your credit card account. A refund made to your credit card account is displayed as credit in your credit card statement depending on process and practices of your bank. This process is a generally applied rule of trade and is not caused by Nera Event.

Nera Event will not be held responsible for any damages caused by theft, accident, fire etc. occurring in the hotel and transportation vehicles.

Nera Event reserves the right to make changes in the service standards.


Only the conference delegates who registered in advance and on that day will be allowed to attend the conference.

Only the conference delegates who registered in advance or during the day, and the individuals wearing name tags for the exhibition will be entitled to enter the exhibition/poster area.

All attendees must wear their name tags at all times during the conference.

The name tag holders must not allow other people to use their name tags. Any breach of this term can prevent attendance of the name tag holder or the person who wears the name tag to the conference.

Individuals who obtain conference delegate or attendee name tag through theft, fraud or other illegal means must leave the conference.

Unless prior written approval of the organizers is obtained, no one under age of 16 will be allowed to attend the conference.

Conference attendees will strictly avoid to participate any protests, perform any objectionable acts, wear aggressive looking clothes, or to engage in any activities which may disrupt the order of the conference.

The organizers reserve the right to exclude anyone from or prevent attendance of anyone to the conference in case such person fails to comply with the policy stipulated herein, breach the rules or perform any acts which are prohibited pursuant to applicable sanctions, laws or regulations.

The press card to be given in the conference is limited only to the publishers, editors, journalists, photographers and web bloggers who are related to subject matter of the conference. Members of the press may be asked to fill out the application form and generate an accreditation such as card of a well-known press or media organization, letter by an editor or official web address linked to a press bulletin. Applications of advertisement personnel or media sales representatives will not be accepted.

Official conference photographers can take photographs and record video footage in the conference. All conference attendees accept that such photographs and videos can be used in future marketing conferences of the organizers without the need for obtaining further approval and payment of any compensation whatsoever. In order to prevent any exploitation, other photography or video shooting will not be allowed without written approval of the organizers.


Terms, Conditions, Returns and Cancellation Policy

The seller hereby accepts and undertakes to fully comply with all its contractual obligations imposed upon it under the terms of this agreement by the provisions of Law no 4077 on Protection of Consumers and the Regulations on Distance Agreements, save for occurrence of any force majeure incidents.

These Provisions and Conditions apply for all travel products and/or services purchased from Nera Event, and govern the relationship based on the agreement between Nera Event and your party in relation to any travel product and/or service.

The authors of the accepted papers are invited to register for one of the conference sessions, make payment, attend and present the research in the documents they presented.

If each author wishes to attend the conference and receive the participation certificate and if there is more than one author, payment is made for each author. Authors of the papers must register by filling out the conference registration form.

Each applicant is allowed to present maximum 2 papers.

To make payment through our Online Payment System, first a conference Acceptance letter must be received from the Organization Committee.

Completion of the payment process for registration purposes does not guarantee delivery of the Letter of Acceptance or Invitation to the relevant parties after the payment (please do not make any

payment prior to obtaining visa, if necessary). The Conference Organization Committee does not provide visa support letter or services. The conference attendees will be given the Letter of Acceptance only upon approval of their papers.

If the attendance fee is not paid within the specified period, the papers and full texts will not be included in the conference program.

Application for return/cancellation request can only be made 30 days before the 1st day of the conference. The fee will be deducted by 20% and refunded within 15 business days following the 1st day of the conference. Any refund request made within the last 30 days prior to the conference will not be considered.

Cancellation request by phone, fax or e-mail is accepted and must be made until the cancellation deadline specified. All refund requests must be made by the attendee or the credit card holder. The refund requests must include name and/or transaction number of the attendee. The refunds are made to the same credit card which is used for payment of the fee. The foregoing policy applies to all registered attendees.

Nera Event reserves the right to cancel the event due to low number of registrations or for other conditions which adversely affect organization of the event.

If Nera Event cancels the organization, refund offer will be made to the parties that registered for the event. If the conditions which cause postponement of the event no longer exist, Nera Event is entitled to organize the same event on another date in the future.

Nera Event will not be held responsible for any changes or cancellation, which are out of its reasonable control and occurred as a result of force majeure incidents such as war, strikes, riots, wrongdoing, state of emergency, hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc.


The seller will not disclose and share the information provided in this Agreement by the buyer and the information it has provided to the seller for payment purposes with any third parties whatsoever.

The seller may disclose this information only within the framework of its obligations towards administrative/legal requirements. The seller will be entitled to disclose the information it possesses to any authority, which authorization is duly proven to receive the same with respect to any administrative investigation purposes.

It is strictly prohibited to withhold credit card information. The credit card information is used only for obtaining provision by securely communicating the same to the relevant banks at the time of collection transactions, and after obtaining provision will be promptly deleted from the system.

The information such as e-mail address, postal address and telephone number of the buyer will be used by the seller only for regular product delivery and notification purposes. The information relevant to campaigning periods, new products or promotions may be communicated to the buyer at certain periods, upon first obtaining confirmation of the buyer.


Any and all disputes which may arise with respect to this Agreement will be referred to and finally settled by the arbitration committees for consumer problems, and the consumer courts of

jurisdiction at the venue of the seller and the buyer up to the total amount declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the month of December each year.

Any customer who made payment through the Nera Event internet site is deemed to have irrevocably accepted all of the foregoing provisions set out in this agreement. This agreement is approved by and between the customer attendee and Nera Event on internet environment.